Know how transfer

If our consultancy services are to secure a competitive advantage, they must themselves provide a basis for change.

Strategies and concepts are put into practice. Members of staff are trained.

Processes are implemented and anchored. By transferring know-how, we enable our clients to achieve lasting business success.

Seminars and conferences
Implementing processes working together with staff
Sales training



Bader Media has recently partnered with OnBoard Media Group a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, which provides unique ancillary revenue programs to airlines around the globe. This partnership increases Bader Media’s ability to work with our airline partners to achieve their ancillary revenue goals. 

OnBoard Media Group has unique patent pending programs that expand traditional media in the airline cabin to unique venues that increase the revenue potential for your airline.  With a wide range of products and programs, OnBoard Media Group is able to fit any level of airline brand from a five star to a low cost carrier. These programs and products allow both the airlines and the advertisers to partner together to achieve their goals and generate this additional revenue. Programs have the potential to generate millions of dollars annually for even smaller airlines and assist the advertiser in reaching their desired target market.