Our approach

In today’s dynamic environment with a rapid pace of change, enormous competition and increasing cost pressure, the tourism sector is facing new challenges.

Businesses have a clear choice. Either they adopt a wait-and-see policy, moan, hope for the best, bury their heads in the sand, put up a fight and ultimately go under or they can change! Bader Consulting carries out the necessary analysis, differentiation, identification, development and optimisation work before it is too late.

We come up with superior strategies in order to achieve lasting competitive advantages in the market.

At Bader Consulting, you will not find any ready-made, off-the-shelf explanations. Only members of staff with specialist knowledge and many years’ experience who ask questions where others think they already know the answers.


After all, every one of our clients has the right to an individual solution which corresponds exactly to their particular competitive situation.

However, if a strategy is to be turned into a competitive advantage, businesses themselves must be prepared to initiate change.

During this process, we work with you, not for you. We assist you with training and in implementing and anchoring your strategies. This makes us more than just a consultant – we are your partner.